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Kerry Guy Garden Designs

For large or small gardens in town or country

About Us

If you want to develop your garden, we can help with:

  • Garden advice
  • Design for all or part of your garden
  • Planting plans and plant supply
  • Detailed contruction drawings
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Ongoing assistance during the construction phase
  • Organisation of schedules for maintenance

From concept to construction of the garden that's right for you.

A brief guide to how we work

Our service to you can be tailored to your needs and your budget


This can be excellent value and a simple way to find solutions to specific problems. A written report following the visit will be a useful reference and a basis on which work can be planned.

The cost of the visit will be based upon the time spent on site and in drawing up a report.


A fresh look at all or part of your garden can produce many ideas and opportunities, in much the same way as one may find exciting new ideas inside the home by planning to redecorate or reorganize rooms and furniture.

Working from an accurate survey of your property and a comprehensive brief from yourself, an Outline Plan is drawn up, which will show the proposed design ideas. This process takes account of fundamental design principles and applies them to your situation and set of priorities.

Again this can be very good value for money since the plan can be used as the starting point for construction of the new garden as well as being a reference for the future.

The cost of the design will depend on the size of garden and the number of design elements required. A quote for this work will be supplied for your prior approval.


Once the basic design and structure of the garden is established, good planting plans will make all the difference to the look and feel of the garden and determine its manageability.

Planting plans are drawn to scale and take into account the desired style of the area to be planted, the ultimate size of the plants, colour, texture and suitability to soil and climate conditions.

A plant schedule is supplied to accompany the plan. This specifies the size, type and number of each plant required for the planting.

For those who do not enjoy shopping, it may also be cheaper and easier to let us obtain the plants for you, saving you the task of tracking down the plants on your list.

For all major construction elements, the contractor will also need detailed and unambiguous construction drawings and specifications. This work is additional to the Outline Plan and will be charged separately.

The cost of additional plans will be directly related to the time required. A quote will be supplied for your prior approval.

As a member of The Society of Garden Designers, which is now well established to promote the business of Garden Design, I would recommend you to visit their website

The newly upgraded website has made it much easier to obtain help and information and find out about professional standards for practitioners.

*All charges for work done by us will be based on:

  1. Hours spent on the completion of work
  2. Travel expenses
  3. Any printing, materials and miscellaneous costs (e.g. hire of equipment)

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